The C-2 is a very cost-effective, smallest, lightest, good mobility and highly-precise manual probe system for wafers and substrates of 50mm or less. It supports a lot of applications such as C-V/I-V, 2 port /4 port RF, 2 port/4 port mm-Wave(DC to 67GHz) measurements, device and wafer tests, failure analysis, thin film probing, submicron probing, optoelectronic engineering tests etc. It could support up to 6 manipulators for DC measurement and support 4 port RF/mm-Wave measurement.

Component such as the raised platen, Coaxial X-Y stage and digital microscope mount are included with station. Vibration free base provide nice stability measurement. It is the basic part of providing good electrical measurement results come from a stable test platform.

  • 2” Steel Chuck with Vacuum Switches
  • 2” or less wafers
  • Coaxial Stage with 2”-2” linear back-lash free travel
  • Fine positioning at ~10 micron resolution
  • Quick motion at ~25mm drive per revolution
  • Chuck theta at degree backlash free
  • Portable and Light
  • Affordable Price
  • Idea for wafers of less than 2”
  • IV/CV measurements applications
  • RF probing (EAST/WEST/North/South Configuration)
  • Same coaxial stage as fitted on full-size probe stations
  • Single knob design for fine and quick positioning as well as X-Y single hand operation
  • Low gravity center for stability
  • Fits onto photonics breadboard
  • Fits into glove box
  • 320mmW x 320mmD x 320mmH
  • 15Kg with Digital Camera and 4 Positioners
  • Accommodates DC micropositioner x 6 or RF micropositioner x 4