C-6 is an economical and affordable, high precision, excellent stability, widely used in various fields manual probe measurement platform. Low-Profile, balanced weight and vibration free base design provides the most stable measurement environment for wafers and substrates of 150mm or less. It supports a lot of applications such as C-V/I-V, 2 port /4 port RF, 2 port/4 port mm-Wave(DC to 67GHz, DC to 145GHz for Anritsu VNA) measurements, device and wafer tests, failure analysis, thin film probing, submicron probing, optoelectronic engineering tests etc. It could support up to 12 manipulators for DC measurement and support 4 port RF/mm-Wave measurement.

 —6” Steel Chuck with Vacuum Switches

— 6” or less wafers

—Coaxial Stage with 6”-6” linear back-lash free travel

—Fine positioning at ~10 micron resolution

—Quick linear motion at ~25mm for X per trun and 45mm for Y per turn

—Chuck theta at 15 degree backlash free

—Chuck up/down 4 mm

—Vibration Free Base

 —Compact size and Light weight

—Price Affordable

—Idea for wafers of less than 6” with ±1um flatness

—IV/CV measurements applications

—RF probing (EAST/WEST/North/South Configuration)

—Coaxial Chuck X-Y stage              

—Linear backlash free motion

—Low-Profile design for stability

—One hand only grips both X-Y knobs

—One stage only for the fine and quick positioning

—500mmW x 450mmD x 550mmH with Microscope

—Weight 32Kg with Microscope (C-6)