The EB-Series is a very highly-precise and highly performance manual probe station for wafer and substrates up to 300mm. It could be supporting many applications as C-V/I-V, RF, mm-Wave, sub-THz, Flexible Device, Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL), Photo Diode and Photoluminescence measurement, wafer characterization test, Failure analysis (FA), Optoelectronic engineering, Photocommunication and etc. It could be supporting up to 16 probe positioners for DC measurement and 4 port for RF/mm-Wave measurment.

EB Series has nice stability system platform design with a vibration Isolation Table solution to provide contact high quality over measurement time to help you having accuracy test data. Sub-micron positioning, backlash-free and X-Y-Z linear movement of micropositioners enable precise probe placement.


Single-handed chuck adjustment, highly-planar chuck surface, 10  micron resolution, backlash-free and X-Y-Z linear movement, ensures ease of operation for both the novice and the expert user.

  • Steel Chuck with Vacuum Switches
  • Supporting 6", 8" and 12" Wafer size
  • Coaxial Stage with linear back-lash free travel
  • Fine positioning at ~10 micron resolution
  • Quick linear motion at ~25mm for X per trun and 45mm for Y per turn
  • Chuck theta at 15 degree backlash free
  • Chuck up/down 4 mm
  • Compact size and Light weight
  • Price Affordable
  • Idea for wafers of less than 8” with ±1um flatness
  • IV/CV measurements applications
  • RF probing (EAST/WEST/North/South Configuration)
  • Coaxial Chuck X-Y stage              
  • Linear backlash free motion
  • Low-Profile design for stability
  • One hand only grips both X-Y knobs
  • One stage only for the fine and quick positioning