Vector Network Analyzer MS4644A (Refurbished)

The VectorStar VNA offers a new performance benchmark for S-parameter measurements of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter- wave devices. And with this latest breakthrough Anritsu now provides RF and Microwave engineers a powerful measurement tool for performance analysis of devices ranging from transistors in an on-wafer environment to communication systems in commercial or defense applications.

The fastest measurement time, versatile connectivity, and intuitive interface provide rapid system setup and measurements. Sixteen fully independent channels are the equivalent of 16 VNAs at your test station multiplexed to your display. Each channel can be configured to display any internalmeasurement feature, from changes in frequency range, alternative calibration methods, to changes in domain setups.

Now you can tune devices with the speed of a scalar analyzer and the accuracy of a VNA. Unlike other analyzers wherespeed compromises accuracy and trace noise, the VectorStar’s unique design architecture minimizes trace noise by using amore coherent Source/LO pair. The result is ultra-low trace noise without having to increase IF filtering thereby slowing thesweep speed. And speed is not limited to just the display. You can quickly download data to your external data base while moving on to the next device to maximize throughput.

VectorStar delivers full spectrum performance. You’re no longer subject to losing dynamic range at the low end of the frequency range due to coupler roll-off. Nor will you have to worry about the high end due to a drop in available port power. By utilizing high directivity couplers for the microwave region and resistive bridges for the RF range, critical performance parameters such as directivity and available measurement power are maximized. Add to that a receiver compression level up to 20 dB higher, and a noise floor up to 15 dB lower. The result is a VNA with the best overall dynamic range over the widest frequency range available in the industry.

  • Model Number : MS4644A
  • Frequency Range : 10MHz to 40GHz
  • Dynamic Range : 120dB
  • Noise Floor : -110dB
  • Power Ragne : +9 to -25 dBm
  • Ourput Default Power : +5dBm
  • Measurement Stability : Magnitude °C and Phase °C
  • 2-Port Measurement : S11, S12, S22 and S21
  • IF Bandwidth : 1Hz to 1MHz
  • Calibration Methods : SOLT, SSLT, SSST, SOLR, SSLR, SSSR, LRL, LRM, A-LRM, Auto Cal and Thru Update