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Millimeter wave materials are crucial for the development of mobile communications, and the dielectric characteristic test of these materials is essential for the development of high-frequency materials.

For measuring the dielectric properties of millimeter wave materials, a high-precision and low- vibration motion system is needed, along with an integrated algorithm that can accurately position the sample at the position with the strongest electric field signal for measurement.

An automatic integration of measurement is also necessary to achieve fast and simple measurement, which provides verification and testing solutions for the dielectric properties of new materials on millimeter waves.

The measurement system requires careful design and implementation, with attention to factors such as signal processing, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility. The system should also be capable of handling different types of materials, as well as various frequency ranges and

measurement modes.

Overall, the development of a reliable and accurate dielectric characteristic measurement system for millimeter wave materials is crucial for advancing the field of high-frequency materials and enabling the continued evolution of mobile communication technology.