FAST AND BEST Co., Ltd is a professional distributor in providing high quality products for our customers and we co-work with skillful probe station manufactures to develop competitive products such as Vector Network Analyzer, Optical Communication system, Optical Communication Alignment, Wafer Probe Station, LCD Probe Station, LED Probe Station, LD/PD Probe Station, PCB Probe Station, FPC Probe Station, Double Side Probe Station, Design House Probe Station, Probe Positioner(Micromanipulator), Microscope, Laser Cutter, Hot Chuck, Cold Chuck, Cryogenics Chuck, Four Point Probe, Vibration Free Table, Vibration Free Tabletop, Shielding Box, Probing Accessories-Tip holder, Tip, Extension Cable, Adapter, etc. for On wafer, PCB, VCSELs (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser), PD (Photo Diode), PL (Photoluminescence) etc field. We have completed probe stations as well as semi-finished parts in stock. After receiving customer's order, we will configure and assemble the products within short times. In addition, we offer upgrades and services for existing probe station of any brands and models.

 FAST AND BEST Co.,Ltd is very proactive to face end users for meeting their needs, further discussing how to develop a new product and provide good solution to the customer with manufacture for reducing customer’s working loads and enhancing work efficiency

 Asides from providing high quality products, FAST AND BEST Co., Ltd is dedicated to offering the fast and best service in order to support our valued customers for a more profitable business in such a competitive market.